Small Corinthian PL3 CAP - Fluted Pilaster

Small Corinthian PL3 CAP - Fluted Pilaster

Fluted Pilaster

These mouldings can either be used flat against a wall with a choice of caps, or used on the inside face of an archway, as per arch layout 1.

Width: 225mm
Height: 215mm

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We have designed an arch system that will suit any interior due to its simple elegant features and also any width of opening.

The columns are manufactured in one piece, complete with the base and 2 sides and can be tailored to suit any width of inside face up to 600mm. The capital is also manufactured to the specified width so that all pieces should fit together easily on site.

The actual arch section is manufactured complete with the decorative moulding and curved soffit, giving a flawless smooth finish. Again, it is made to suit the width of the recess. This section can be manufactured to suit any width of opening between 1.4 meters and 3.4 meters.

The reverse side of the arch is also made to suit and each side is finished off with a moulded keystone.

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