Has your decorative plasterwork been damaged by flooding, timber rot, fire, or simply deteriorated through time?

Maybe you are developing a property or making room layout alterations or an extension?

Some traditional properties have the most spectacular ornate ceilings, cornices, ceiling roses, and other ornate plaster features such as columns, pilasters, archways etc. These works of art are however subject to defect the same way as any traditional lath and plaster ceiling, but here at Reproduction Plaster Company there is no detail too complex that can’t be restored to its former glory.


The following examples illustrate ceilings which are more complex in detail, from ornate panelled ceiling designs to a network of vaulted ceilings being reinstated.

We use the term ‘ornamental plasterwork’ as quite often the detail requiring reinstatement is not simply a cornice, but can be anything from ceiling roses to column details or archways. If the original was created using plaster, then we can guarantee we will always know how to recreate a replacement, no matter how ornate or complex the detail may be.

Basic Plain Moulded Cornince

This ceiling was badly damaged by water ingress from above, and as a result had to be stripped out and reinstated to match the existing design. Although relatively plain in detail, it does illustrate how effective a basic design can be with its striking grid pattern.

Ornate Panelled Ceiling and Cornice

This building had lain derelict for many years before being brought back to life. This particular ceiling had been totally lost, and other than some samples of the cornice being thoughtfully laid aside, the entire ceiling was modelled and reinstated simply using photographic records. We were able to mould the existing cornice from the sample, however the main ceiling design, and ceiling rose, were created from clay modelling by our specialist manufacturing team.

Vaulted Ceilings

This entrance hallway, which was once a synagogue, has been converted into flatted accommodation in Glasgow’s southside. The entire timber structure of the complex network of vaulted ceilings had been seriously affected by dry rot. The treatment works required the entire area to be stripped of all plasterwork, which consisted of nine vaulted ceilings, four columns, ten perimeter half columns, and all wall plaster including plaster skirting, picture rail and cornice. Our team meticulously sampled and measured every individual component of this network of ornate plasterwork prior to any strip-out works, allowing us to reinstate the entire detail exactly as it was originally.

Ornate Panelled Ceiling Design

This splendidly ornate ceiling was badly flooded from above. To begin the restoration, the complete ceiling required to be stripped, including the ornate ceiling section of the cornice. As usual, all of the components were sampled for mould making purposes prior to strip out works. Following the replastering of the ceiling, we reinstated the perimeter cornice detail as well as all the decorative ceiling panel mouldings and ceiling roses, recreating the distinctive panelled design, all manufactured to match existing.

Column Base and Caps

Column bases and caps; whether they are Ionic, Doric or Corinthian, we can restore or replace any design using the same principles of sampling, then mould making, and finally the reinstatement to match the original.

Ornamental plasterwork restored and reparied by highly skilled craftsmen

On a regular basis, we are repairing or reinstating to match existing, the most ornate and complex ceiling designs, cornices or any other form of decorative plasterwork. These are often insured repairs whereby we work with many of the industries insurance contractors, directly with the homeowner or the policy holder. On occasion the repairs may be necessary as part of a redevelopment of a traditional property that has had the ornate plaster or cornice detail damaged or lost through the years.

Whatever the cause, Reproduction Plaster Company have the ability to recreate and restore any type of missing or damaged plaster mouldings. We carry out all sizes of repairs from small sections of damaged plain run cornices within domestic properties, to elaborate traditional enriched cornices. Whether it be a private residence, commercial property, or even any of the great theatres or art galleries, Reproduction Plaster Company have the skills and experience to complete the job.

Using traditional plastercraft techniques, our team is able to create an exact replica of your original cornice, pillar or other decorative plaster feature. The process starts with obtaining samples, or a ‘squeeze’ of the cornice on site, which then allows our team to manufacture (hand-made) all necessary moulds and material for your job within our purpose built premises. We then re-attend site for the job itself, where the end result is quite stunning. The new ornate plasterwork seamlessly joins into the existing plasterwork and, following redecoration, no-one should know it was ever missing.

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