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Our fitting service

Please enquire about an installation cost to ensure your new fibrous plaster products are being fitted to the standard they should be. Ornamental plasterwork is very much a specialised trade, and unless the correct techniques are used the finish will be compromised. Once fitted, joints should never be seen, and this is the art achieved from an experienced ornamental plasterer.

Hand fitted by professionals

It's a myth that cornices are 'stuck up' with adhesives or pointed with caulk or fast set.

Firstly, note all our cornices are screw fixed into position. The photographs illustrate the method we undertake to form every joint in our products. This is a fibrous plaster joint, whereby a plaster-soaked scrim bandage gives the joint strength, vastly reducing the likelihood of the joint ever re-appearing as a crack.

The fine casting plaster used then provides the ability to form precisely sharp detail, with the end result being totally seamless with long lasting joints.

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